Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Kiyomi Fukui

20150924_113827 20150924_113806 20150924_112305

The artist that I chose to have a conversation with was Kiyomi Fukui. She is a 27 year old Japanese CSULB grad student. She is a printmaking major and is currently getting her masters. She now lives not too far from CSULB in Long Beach. She currently lives with her partner and he is also a printmaking major, he’s a huge inspiration for her. She plans on making art with her major or teaching classes.

The idea of this show was being all about impermanence. She put up on the walls table covers and coasters that she has used at tea parties. She encourages her guests to rip them a little or spill a little tea. She sometimes modifies them with organic things for example on one she said she spilled carrot juice on it, but other pieces aren’t altered. She had different sizes and shapes, some were rectangles, circles, or the smaller circles you see in the image above. The color of the art was red, brown, and white. All of them had stains on them and some where also ripped. She transmitted to me that it wasn’t just the cloth that was art but rather, the experiences and memories that it was a part of.

She became inspired from a hard loss in her life. Her partner motivates her to become and better artist every day. She began having tea parties shortly after her mother had passed away. It was very difficult for her to overcome that time in her life, so now she lives in the present and lives life to the fullest. I asked her what the meaning of art was and she simply and quickly responded “living”. She has her own small garden that her and her partner take care of, it’s a big part of her life.

I can relate to her because if something difficult happens in my life i try to use it for something positive and not just stay living in the past, you just have to keep moving forward. She wanted to have a tea party with us so she brought tea and cups for us to enjoy while we had our conversation. She wanted everyone to be more relaxed and make it a more enjoyable experience. It looks like she’s a really nice person and cares for others. She showed me that no matter what happens in life time heals all and you have to strive to succeed and achieve your goals. She is a true inspiration.


Wk5 – Classmate Conversation – Alexandra Mendoza


For this week’s classmate conversation I talked with Alexandra Mendoza. She is a third year communication studies major and recreation studies minor at CSULB. She is 20 years old and lives in Anaheim. She attended Gahr High School which is really close to the high school that I went to. Her favorite color is blue and she enjoys weightlifting, swimming, hiking, and boxing. She is very athletic and as you can see she loves sports. She is from the same part of Mexico that I’m from, Guadalajara. She has three jobs! She works as a security guard at Knott’s and the Honda Center, as well as a life guard for Soak City. We also share some similar interests, we both love Mexican music and also hanging out with friends. For the question of the week I asked Alexandra what was she swimming in, she responded she was swimming in fitness, work, friends, and family. She also said that everyday she goes to work and goes to school and in between she tries to spend some quality time with her friends and family. Alex is really cool and I’m glad that I met her!

Wk5 – Activity – Ethnogrophy


For this week’s activity we had to go one night without using any electricity. Of course this was going to be very difficult because we are so dependent on electricity. I decided I was going to be in my room and not use any electricity. Around 6:30 P.M. I was getting settled and i told my mom to hide my phone somewhere because I knew I was going to be tempted. I had a candle set up and I had books and my homework. By 9:00 P.M. I finished my homework and i no longer wanted to read. I was beginning to feel stressed because there was nothing to do. I went to the kitchen and i opened the refrigerator, as soon as I saw the light I remembered and I closed it quickly and went back to my room disappointed in myself. I was having a hard time going to sleep, I was wondering if I was missing anything interesting in my social networks. I began to start getting sleepy, I think it helped that I had gone to the gym before I got home. I slept quickly after and I had a great night’s sleep. It was not something I would do again but it did really open my eyes how we take electricity for granted and it amazes me how there are still people today that will be going to sleep without the use of electricity.

Week 4 – Artist Conversation – David De Mendoza

David D Painting 1 Painting 20150917_112635\

The artist that I talked to was David De Mendoza. His art show was in the Gatov West Gallery and it was named Disquieting. He is 31 years old and he needs one more year to graduate from CSULB. David is majoring in drawing and painting. He has very interesting and creepy paintings. He is from Santa Monica, CA and he had a tough time choosing a favorite artist but he decided it was Diego Velasquez. He mentioned to be that he’s been drawing forever now, he recalls starting during elementary school.

David used oil paints to complete the drawings. He had sketches from a couple years ago that he finally painted them and that’s how this show came up. It took him this summer of 2015 to complete the 3 paintings you see above. He had no help he did all of his art work by himself. I noticed that all of his paintings were full of bright colors to make them stand out instead of using dark colors. He uses a very dark type of art.

David got his inspiration from horror movies and books, as well as H.P. Lovecraft. He is a big fan of his work. This show was based on fears and nightmares. The painting with the pictures of the baby was based on the fear of intimacy. In the future he hopes to be in comic books and maybe working on horror movies. It really surprised me when he said that he barely had 3 years painting. His work is so well done i would’ve thought he had much longer.

I was really intrigued by his type of art. It’s not my preferred but I still think his finished products looked amazing that’s why I chose to have the conversation with him. I could relate to him because I do enjoy horror movies and I agree that the paintings do look like scenes of a nightmare. He mostly just draws creepy cool things that he likes. David says art is a freedom of expression, a window to the soul. It was really cool talking with David and I learned a lot about his style of art!

Week 4 – Painting

Week 4 week 4 1

For our week 4 activity we had to spray paint our name with 2 different colors. I was really happy with the colors I got because they are some of my favorite. I didn’t expect this activity to be as much fun as I had. Once I started doing it I was really into it and thinking what can I do to make it look better. I wish I could’ve gone to Venice but I was really busy this weekend. So I decided to do it on cardboard. It made me realize how talented you actually have to be to do good looking graffiti. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t anything that I was suffering through. This has been my favorite activity that we’ve done so far! I will definitely plan a trip to Venice with my friends so we can go to the art walls, can’t wait to do it again and get better!

Week 4 – Fellow Classmate – Filimon Soltero


For my classmate conversation I talked with a 3rd year csulb student named Filimon. He is 20 years old. He was a really chill dude and easygoing. He is Mexican like me and I felt we were kind of similar in our interests and background. He is from Compton which is right next to where I’m from which is Paramount. He went to Centennial High School and he did wrestling there. He’s majoring in healthcare administration and he hopes to one day run the business side of a hospital. Some of his hobbies include playing soccer, eating, and video games. He also really enjoys getting hair cuts. I asked him how he was liking the class and he mentioned that most aren’t art majors and this class also opens doors for creativity to prosper so we can feel better about ourselves. When I asked him the question of the week which was, does art even matter? I was really intrigued with his answer, he mentioned that it does in fact matter some people use art as a way to express their feelings and that the perspective on art varies on every individual. Filimon was really cool and I’m glad I saw him to have the fellow classmate conversation.

Week 3 – Conversation With Artist

20150910_112718 20150910_110730 20150910_110815

The artist that I want to talk about is Nick Bamford. You can check out his art on his Instagram page: @NickBamf4d. His artwork presented at the Gotov East gallery really got my attention compared to the other artists. Nick is a student at CSULB and is a ceramics major. He is from Huntington Park, not that far from where I am from. He aspires to be a professional artist or an art teacher. He plans to get his masters at Yale, VCU, or UCLA. His biggest inspiration and favorite artist is Pablo Picasso.

He decided to not add a title to his art show his style is open for interpretation. He had several pieces made of clay and the color was gray. One piece was a huge hand and others looked like people like the images above. There was also one of a man playing a guitar. There was also one random piece of just different things that was was made with all the extra parts that he had left over. All the materials that he used were wood, clay, cardboard, strings, a wheel, and computer parts that he had lying around.

He likes being abstract and follows the footsteps of Picasso. He used many random things and he wants the viewers to interpret it as they wish. He was just making pieces that resonated with him from prior inspirations. It took him a total of one day to finish the whole show and he had no help. He knew he wanted to became an artist during his senior year of high school in a ceramics class, he felt he had the freedom to make anything that he wanted. He likes the challenge of bettering himself that’s what pushes him to be the best artist he can be.

I could relate to his artwork because he’s not that detailed or follows specific guidelines. His work is very freestyle and very creative. I feel it would be easier for me to do art like that than drawing a person exactly how they look. Nick and I both want to be successful and do what we love for the rest of our lives. I felt like he was a really simple and hardworking person. I’m sure he’ll get into the school of his dreams and will achieve all of his goals. His favorite quote is from Picasso which states, “It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. This was a great learning experience for me.