Week 2 – Plaster Casting

IMG_2162 IMG_3395

For our second project in Art 110 we did plaster casting at the beach! Professor Zucman organized an optional trip to the beach so we could make our experience more enjoyable. I decided to go and work with other classmates and our professor. I didn’t own a shovel so I went in hopes that one of my classmates would let me borrow one. I did find a shovel that I could use, everyone was sharing tools and helping each other out to have a successful project. At the beginning I was a little confused on how to do it but with the help of my classmates it was really simple and quiet fun! The first picture shows how i was putting my hand in the sand to make the mold. The second picture  is me very happy with the ending result! The only part I struggled in was mixing the plaster, I saw that I had added too much water and then some ended up getting really hard. Luckily some classmates had extra plaster so I could use theirs to complete my cast. Overall, this experience was really enjoyable and satisfying. I met a lot of cool people and the iced tea was great! I would definitely try this project again with no hesitation!


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