Week 3 – Conversation With Artist

20150910_112718 20150910_110730 20150910_110815

The artist that I want to talk about is Nick Bamford. You can check out his art on his Instagram page: @NickBamf4d. His artwork presented at the Gotov East gallery really got my attention compared to the other artists. Nick is a student at CSULB and is a ceramics major. He is from Huntington Park, not that far from where I am from. He aspires to be a professional artist or an art teacher. He plans to get his masters at Yale, VCU, or UCLA. His biggest inspiration and favorite artist is Pablo Picasso.

He decided to not add a title to his art show his style is open for interpretation. He had several pieces made of clay and the color was gray. One piece was a huge hand and others looked like people like the images above. There was also one of a man playing a guitar. There was also one random piece of just different things that was was made with all the extra parts that he had left over. All the materials that he used were wood, clay, cardboard, strings, a wheel, and computer parts that he had lying around.

He likes being abstract and follows the footsteps of Picasso. He used many random things and he wants the viewers to interpret it as they wish. He was just making pieces that resonated with him from prior inspirations. It took him a total of one day to finish the whole show and he had no help. He knew he wanted to became an artist during his senior year of high school in a ceramics class, he felt he had the freedom to make anything that he wanted. He likes the challenge of bettering himself that’s what pushes him to be the best artist he can be.

I could relate to his artwork because he’s not that detailed or follows specific guidelines. His work is very freestyle and very creative. I feel it would be easier for me to do art like that than drawing a person exactly how they look. Nick and I both want to be successful and do what we love for the rest of our lives. I felt like he was a really simple and hardworking person. I’m sure he’ll get into the school of his dreams and will achieve all of his goals. His favorite quote is from Picasso which states, “It took me 4 years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child. This was a great learning experience for me.


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