Week 3 – Social Photography

IMG_3557  20150910_113310

For this weeks activity we did social photography using the popular app named Instagram. We used the hashtag #Art110f15. I did some posts of my morning on my way to school and also some at the galleries. The images above are with my professor Glen and some of the classmates that I met. While looking through the pictures with the hashtag, I saw many different activities and also some similar to the ones that I had posted about. There were posts about their day, friends, and about the school. One type of picture that I saw a lot and think everyone has done it before is a post about the food they’re about to eat. That can be one thing that can connect us, food. I mean who doesn’t like food! I think we all currently have similar lives because we are college students, but I also think we are disconnected as well. We all do different things that we enjoy and have different obligations. Looking through the posts with the hashtag was lots of fun and I now know many more things about my classmates in Art 110!


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