Week 4 – Artist Conversation – David De Mendoza

David D Painting 1 Painting 20150917_112635\

The artist that I talked to was David De Mendoza. His art show was in the Gatov West Gallery and it was named Disquieting. He is 31 years old and he needs one more year to graduate from CSULB. David is majoring in drawing and painting. He has very interesting and creepy paintings. He is from Santa Monica, CA and he had a tough time choosing a favorite artist but he decided it was Diego Velasquez. He mentioned to be that he’s been drawing forever now, he recalls starting during elementary school.

David used oil paints to complete the drawings. He had sketches from a couple years ago that he finally painted them and that’s how this show came up. It took him this summer of 2015 to complete the 3 paintings you see above. He had no help he did all of his art work by himself. I noticed that all of his paintings were full of bright colors to make them stand out instead of using dark colors. He uses a very dark type of art.

David got his inspiration from horror movies and books, as well as H.P. Lovecraft. He is a big fan of his work. This show was based on fears and nightmares. The painting with the pictures of the baby was based on the fear of intimacy. In the future he hopes to be in comic books and maybe working on horror movies. It really surprised me when he said that he barely had 3 years painting. His work is so well done i would’ve thought he had much longer.

I was really intrigued by his type of art. It’s not my preferred but I still think his finished products looked amazing that’s why I chose to have the conversation with him. I could relate to him because I do enjoy horror movies and I agree that the paintings do look like scenes of a nightmare. He mostly just draws creepy cool things that he likes. David says art is a freedom of expression, a window to the soul. It was really cool talking with David and I learned a lot about his style of art!


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