Week 4 – Fellow Classmate – Filimon Soltero


For my classmate conversation I talked with a 3rd year csulb student named Filimon. He is 20 years old. He was a really chill dude and easygoing. He is Mexican like me and I felt we were kind of similar in our interests and background. He is from Compton which is right next to where I’m from which is Paramount. He went to Centennial High School and he did wrestling there. He’s majoring in healthcare administration and he hopes to one day run the business side of a hospital. Some of his hobbies include playing soccer, eating, and video games. He also really enjoys getting hair cuts. I asked him how he was liking the class and he mentioned that most aren’t art majors and this class also opens doors for creativity to prosper so we can feel better about ourselves. When I asked him the question of the week which was, does art even matter? I was really intrigued with his answer, he mentioned that it does in fact matter some people use art as a way to express their feelings and that the perspective on art varies on every individual. Filimon was really cool and I’m glad I saw him to have the fellow classmate conversation.


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