For my artist conversation I chose to speak to Juan Martin. He is 28 years old and is from Visalia, CA, although he is originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico. He’s been in the states since he was 8 years old.He’s always loved drawing and taking classes in high school and college really sparked his interest to study art. His major is sculpting, it’s the type of art that interests him the most. His favorite artist is Charles gray, Charles is also LA based which makes it really cool!


The materials he used for the image above was a mannequin as a mold and concrete as well. It took him a couple weeks to make. He also had the sculpture sit on a mirror. For the black cube he used wood and black stretch wrap. It took him a few hours to complete the cube. For the deer piece he used foam and it took him 2 weeks to build.


His motive behind the mannequin was that he’s always had an intrigued feeling for mannequins. He knows they are artificial but says that he feels they want to be alive. The cube is conceptual and it’s open for interpretation. For the deer he said he’s always been interested in deers and it’s one of his favorite animals to make. The hardest thing about his show was working with heavy materials.


I felt he was a very interesting person that had many bold ideas. Those ideas are why he makes all these art pieces and this has been hands down my favorite show at the CSULB art galleries. His pieces were amazing and his explanations were even better. I’m really happy I chose to blog about his show. I will definitely be keeping up with his work and you can to by checking out his Facebook: Juan Martin.


WK9 – ACTIVITY – Transmedia Storytelling


For this week’s activity a couple of classmates and I did some transmedia storytelling. We used three characters and made a fictional story about them. We also had to make them social media pages to complete this activity. The character that I chose was Peter Parker. He’s your average guy and one day when he was going somewhere with his uncle Ben and got into a huge accident and Uncle Ben passed away. He found out who the woman that caused the accident was and talked to his friend about seeking revenge.


The character that a classmate in my group chose was The Flash. He is a super hero and is very good friends with Peter Parker. He is the person that Peter talks to about seeking revenge towards the woman that caused the accident.


Wonder woman was the last character used in our story and chosen by a classmate. She killed Peter’s uncle and escaped from the police. Flash found her and she defeated him and is still free and not having paid the consequences for the death of Uncle Ben.

This activity was actually pretty fun and I enjoyed doing it. I got to interact with my classmates more and give our story whatever twists we wanted. I would definitely do this activity again!



For this week’s classmate conversation I spoke to Chris Schumaier. Chris is a second year at CSULB and he’s majoring in health science. He’s currently 20 years old and lives in Long Beach, even though he was born in Anaheim, CA. He plans to do something related to radiology when we receives his degree. He went to Shadow Hills high school and there he played football, basketball, and track. Some of his favorite hobbies are playing soccer, going to the gym, and playing video games. For the question of the week, which was, what’s your favorite type of art, he responded that he liked sculpturing because the artists really have to get hands on with their projects. You can check out his website at ChrisSchumaier.WordPress.com



For this week’s artist conversation I chose to talk to Shannon Leith. She is 28 years old and attends CSULB. She is planning to get a masters in photography. She decided to attend CSULB because she really likes the professors. She is originally from Canada and she moved to So Cal at 13 years of age. She is currenly living in Long Beach. She mentioned she really likes living here but is very proud of being Canadian.

20151015_112834 IMG_4685

For her show the materials she used were a blanket with pictures on it, a slide show, and chair, and sound as well. She put some of the different types of foods she is allergic to as well on the slideshow and also baby pictures of her eating foods she can no longer eat. The sounds she was playing resembled a person eating. She encouraged me to wrap my self in the blanket and sit on the couch to really get a feel for her art. I got the huge bagel blanket, it was very fun.


Her whole show was based on the foods she can no longer eat. She compared it to a break up. She is allergic to gluten which is found in bread and she misses the times when she didn’t have to limit herself on what she ate. She stated that the meaning of her work was something that you care for but can’t have.  She wanted you to wrap yourself in the blanket because she wanted you to wrap yourself around with her memories and the comfort it brings you. She was basically breaking up with gluten and remembering all the good memories that they used to share.

I could understand where she was coming from because I’ve gone through a break up before, even though it was with a real person, it shares a lot of things. All of the memories remain and you miss that person or the food you can;t eat any longer. I would also compare it when I have these short stints that I want to eat healthy and it’s  like I’m breaking up with junk food for a short while. She had really interesting ideas and she executed it to perfection. If you would like to check out more of Shannon Leith’s art you can go to her website at ShannonLeith.com

WK8 – ACTIVITY – Somebody

Screenshot_2015-10-15-11-31-59 Screenshot_2015-10-15-11-06-09

For this week’s activity we had to use the app Somebody with our classmates. I had never heard of the app prior to our Tuesday class, but it was based on a very interesting idea. You basically tell a random person that’s close a friend of yours to send them a message. So they awkwardly go up to your friend and tell them whatever you typed in the app. During our Thursday class I delivered a message and received one as well. It was pretty awkward but it was also fun. I’m not really gonna use this app in the real world, but I think it’s a pretty fun novelty app.



For my classmate conversation I got to know Huy Le. Huy is a second year student at CSULB with a computer science major. He is also 19 and lives very close to LAX. He was born in Ho Chi Minh city in South Vietnam. He moved to the US in 2009. He has one little sister and his favorite color is gray. His hobbies include video games, specifically adventure games. Something interesting about Huy is that his favorite type of food is a Vietnamese dish called Pho. If you would like to know more about Huy Le you can check out his website at http://huylecs.net/

Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Nora Ayala

20151008_111925 20151008_112017

The artist that I had wanted to learn more about this week was Nora Ayala. She is currently in the masters program here at CSULB for printmaking. She comes from Mexican parents and she currently resides in Anaheim very close to Disneyland. She lived in the Inland Empire her whole life and also lived in Long Beach for two years. The most important thing in her life and what most inspires her the most is her partner. Her favorite two artists are Francisco De Goya and Andy Warhol.

20151008_111942 20151008_111955

The materials she used for her show were paper, ink, and lipstick. One thing I learned was that screen printing dries very quickly so it wasn’t much time wasted. Her art was all about repetition and about 2 things becoming one. One thing I noticed was that a lot of it was mostly pink and also very soft colors nothing bright or something that stands out. They were all very similar but somehow very different as well.

Nora’s partner is very important to her. Her partner also helped her create these art pieces. She is a feminist and advocates for the LGBT community, her work is very personal as well. It took her about two weeks to finish it but she mentioned that they were 18 hours of work per day. The way she made these art pieces is by putting lipstick on a body part and then rubbing it, she also mentioned that the motion of the rubbing was important. When I asked her why she used lipstick she said, because it is nontoxic and because lipstick goes on lips and lips go on other body parts.

I can relate to Nora with her art by the work ethic she has. She talked about working for 18 hours of the day, I also work hard at soccer although, not to that extent. I dedicate to soccer a few hours of my day, everyday. She also mentioned that her mom is very important to her and I agree. My mom is very important to me and she’s what makes me strive to become not only successful but a better person as well.

If you wish to check out more of Nora’s artwork you can find her at her Instagram page https://instagram.com/norax_darko/