WK6 – Classmate Conversation – Jack Nguyen


Jack is a 27 year old senior at CSULB. He will be graduating at the end of this school year as a health science major. He was born in Van Nuys to Vietnamese parents. He is currently interning at the long beach health department and he also drives for lyft for extra cash. Jack and I had some similar interests we both like tennis and eating! It was interesting that he played tennis at Canyon high school and I played tennis for Paramount. Another interesting fact is that we’re both only children. It was surprising to both of us because we don’t meet many people that don’t have siblings. In the future he would like to work in tobacco education to help others to quit smoking. He really enjoys ART110 because he says it’s no stress and it’s really fun. He believes art is expression and that there’s no correct way to do it. I really enjoyed getting to know Jack!


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