Wk7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

Snapchat-1681991855601154306 Snapchat-2408167258316587339

For this week’s activity we had to use my favorite type of social media, Snapchat! Above are my two “Snapsterpieces” as Snapchat likes to call it when you draw on an image. For the first one it’s pretty random I just drew a beard on my face and gave myself a little halo. There was no specific reason just I thought that it looked cool. For my second image I gave my guitar a design overhaul. I used very bright colors because i thought it looked very amusing. Lastly, I wrote my initials on it, I had lots of fun doing these and my friends enjoyed them.

image13 image7

These two images are from two other classmates that I had on Snapchat. The first one is Alexandra using a feature that Snapchat offers. The second one is from Luis and he collored his Suzuki truck with a variety of colors. This was my favorite when compared to our Instagram and periscope activities. It was much more casual and fun. It encouraged me to use the drawing feature more in my snaps, I really enjoyed this activity.


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