For this week’s artist conversation I chose to talk to Shannon Leith. She is 28 years old and attends CSULB. She is planning to get a masters in photography. She decided to attend CSULB because she really likes the professors. She is originally from Canada and she moved to So Cal at 13 years of age. She is currenly living in Long Beach. She mentioned she really likes living here but is very proud of being Canadian.

20151015_112834 IMG_4685

For her show the materials she used were a blanket with pictures on it, a slide show, and chair, and sound as well. She put some of the different types of foods she is allergic to as well on the slideshow and also baby pictures of her eating foods she can no longer eat. The sounds she was playing resembled a person eating. She encouraged me to wrap my self in the blanket and sit on the couch to really get a feel for her art. I got the huge bagel blanket, it was very fun.


Her whole show was based on the foods she can no longer eat. She compared it to a break up. She is allergic to gluten which is found in bread and she misses the times when she didn’t have to limit herself on what she ate. She stated that the meaning of her work was something that you care for but can’t have.  She wanted you to wrap yourself in the blanket because she wanted you to wrap yourself around with her memories and the comfort it brings you. She was basically breaking up with gluten and remembering all the good memories that they used to share.

I could understand where she was coming from because I’ve gone through a break up before, even though it was with a real person, it shares a lot of things. All of the memories remain and you miss that person or the food you can;t eat any longer. I would also compare it when I have these short stints that I want to eat healthy and it’s  like I’m breaking up with junk food for a short while. She had really interesting ideas and she executed it to perfection. If you would like to check out more of Shannon Leith’s art you can go to her website at ShannonLeith.com


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