For my artist conversation I chose to speak to Juan Martin. He is 28 years old and is from Visalia, CA, although he is originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico. He’s been in the states since he was 8 years old.He’s always loved drawing and taking classes in high school and college really sparked his interest to study art. His major is sculpting, it’s the type of art that interests him the most. His favorite artist is Charles gray, Charles is also LA based which makes it really cool!


The materials he used for the image above was a mannequin as a mold and concrete as well. It took him a couple weeks to make. He also had the sculpture sit on a mirror. For the black cube he used wood and black stretch wrap. It took him a few hours to complete the cube. For the deer piece he used foam and it took him 2 weeks to build.


His motive behind the mannequin was that he’s always had an intrigued feeling for mannequins. He knows they are artificial but says that he feels they want to be alive. The cube is conceptual and it’s open for interpretation. For the deer he said he’s always been interested in deers and it’s one of his favorite animals to make. The hardest thing about his show was working with heavy materials.


I felt he was a very interesting person that had many bold ideas. Those ideas are why he makes all these art pieces and this has been hands down my favorite show at the CSULB art galleries. His pieces were amazing and his explanations were even better. I’m really happy I chose to blog about his show. I will definitely be keeping up with his work and you can to by checking out his Facebook: Juan Martin.


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