WK9 – ACTIVITY – Transmedia Storytelling


For this week’s activity a couple of classmates and I did some transmedia storytelling. We used three characters and made a fictional story about them. We also had to make them social media pages to complete this activity. The character that I chose was Peter Parker. He’s your average guy and one day when he was going somewhere with his uncle Ben and got into a huge accident and Uncle Ben passed away. He found out who the woman that caused the accident was and talked to his friend about seeking revenge.


The character that a classmate in my group chose was The Flash. He is a super hero and is very good friends with Peter Parker. He is the person that Peter talks to about seeking revenge towards the woman that caused the accident.


Wonder woman was the last character used in our story and chosen by a classmate. She killed Peter’s uncle and escaped from the police. Flash found her and she defeated him and is still free and not having paid the consequences for the death of Uncle Ben.

This activity was actually pretty fun and I enjoyed doing it. I got to interact with my classmates more and give our story whatever twists we wanted. I would definitely do this activity again!


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