WK12 – ARTIST CONVERSATION – Christopher Linquata


For this week’s artist conversation I got to talk to Christopher Linquata. Linquata is a 38 year old student at CSULB. This is his last semester and he’s in the masters program for representational painting and drawing. His passion for drawing began at a very early age, he said around kindergarten. As he got older he used to copy comic books and even make his own. He used to be a middle school teacher and currently still teaches while he’s getting his master’s.


Linquata’s art were only drawings. He used acrylic paints for his drawings. I noticed his drawings are very vibrant in color and all 3 of them involved him or a representation of him because of the big beard. The 3 of them were based in the beach and they all involved friends or family and just having a good time. In one he is joking around with a buddie, another one he has a beer in his hand just habinging out, and lastlythe other one he is spray painting on top of a big rock. The three images took place in San Pedro.


He mentioned that his paintings are representations of mythological stories and also religious stories. He draws a lot of the beach because he really enjoys it. I think he always drew himself in this show because all the stories portrayed were about  him. He feels that his work has recently gotten much better because of the masters’s program that he’s in. He takes about 5 months to complete one painting depending on the size.


I really liked his drawings, the were so detailed and I really felt what he was trying to convey to his viewers. I also really enjoy the beach and most of the times that I draw, I draw myself because it’s much more simpler for me. I can tell that he really gives it his all in every painting and lost of dedication because it takes him around 5 months to complete just one piece. I’m a fan of his paintings. If you want to check out more art of Christopher Linquata you can find it at https://www.instagram.com/icon5350/


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