Tyler Turret is in his last semester at CSULB. He is majoring in animation . He attended community before transferring to CSULB. He currently lives in Huntington Beach and commutes to CSULB. He does most of his work digitally no longer drawing it on paper.


Turett is currently working at Shadow Machine industry. Originally, he was signed on as an intern who worked their social media, which he still does, but now he is also working on some of the animation projects with them.  He is given a lot of freedom to create in his job, so he can switch it up if he gets more interesting ideas along the way.


He is really passionate about what he does and is constantly trying to think of different ideas. He writes and draws things the he finds funny and hopes his viewers feel the same way about the material. His favorite cartoon is Rick and Morty and gets inspiration from new movies that come out. His dream job would be to work for Pixar.

I was really interested in what he does. I’m not that good at drawing on paper and I wonder if it would be easier to do it on a computer. It was a new kind of art that I learned about and I will follow his website in the near future to follow his new projects. If you want to check out his website you can go on http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation and see his upcoming projects.





For this week’s classmate conversation I got to meet Jonathan Pua. He’s 19 years old and is a second year, hospitality management major at CSULB. His goal is to one day own and run his own bakery. His favorite desserts are called truffles, he said great things about them and I hope to try them soon. He went to El Rancho High School and participated in academic decathlons vs. other schools in the state. He was born in San Pedro and his parents are Filipino. His favorite genre of music is alternative rock. Some of his hobbies include video games, and hanging out with friends. For the question of the week he answered before he thought are was just paintings, but now he realizes art can be anything. If you would like to check out his website you can go to https://jonathaninteractive.wordpress.com/

WK12 – ARTIST CONVERSATION – Christopher Linquata


For this week’s artist conversation I got to talk to Christopher Linquata. Linquata is a 38 year old student at CSULB. This is his last semester and he’s in the masters program for representational painting and drawing. His passion for drawing began at a very early age, he said around kindergarten. As he got older he used to copy comic books and even make his own. He used to be a middle school teacher and currently still teaches while he’s getting his master’s.


Linquata’s art were only drawings. He used acrylic paints for his drawings. I noticed his drawings are very vibrant in color and all 3 of them involved him or a representation of him because of the big beard. The 3 of them were based in the beach and they all involved friends or family and just having a good time. In one he is joking around with a buddie, another one he has a beer in his hand just habinging out, and lastlythe other one he is spray painting on top of a big rock. The three images took place in San Pedro.


He mentioned that his paintings are representations of mythological stories and also religious stories. He draws a lot of the beach because he really enjoys it. I think he always drew himself in this show because all the stories portrayed were about  him. He feels that his work has recently gotten much better because of the masters’s program that he’s in. He takes about 5 months to complete one painting depending on the size.


I really liked his drawings, the were so detailed and I really felt what he was trying to convey to his viewers. I also really enjoy the beach and most of the times that I draw, I draw myself because it’s much more simpler for me. I can tell that he really gives it his all in every painting and lost of dedication because it takes him around 5 months to complete just one piece. I’m a fan of his paintings. If you want to check out more art of Christopher Linquata you can find it at https://www.instagram.com/icon5350/

WK12 – ACTIVITY – ePortfolio



For this week’s activity we had to make our website into an ePortfolio for future exposure when we graduate. I had to change the theme of my website to make it more appealing to the viewers. I’m sure that it will benefit me in the long run and it will be a great decision to use it in the future. After I finish this class I will be using my website to possibly be making sports blogs. I’m a big follower of sports especially soccer. Maybe after an important soccer match I can write about what happened and what did the losing team did wrong as opposed to the winning team. I’m looking forward to starting my sports blog as soon as I’m done with this semester.



For this week’s classmate conversation I got to know Nicholas Cedeno. He is a 19 year old student at CSULB. He’s a second year student majoring in criminal justice and hopes to be a cop when he graduates. He went to Lakewood High School  and did track and field while being there. He is half Argentinian and supports the Argentinian soccer team, while Messi being his favorite player. He enjoys all kinds of music, he said anything that comes on the radio. For the question of the week he said the color that made him happy was blue because it’s his favorite color. His least favorite color is Red, he said he hated that color. If you wanna know more about Nicholas, you can check out his website at https://nicocedeno.wordpress.com/



For this week’s artist conversation I got to learn more about Kathy Yoon. She is 27 years old and she’s a 3rd year ceramics major here at Long Beach State. Prior to being a ceramics major she was going to major in math, but one day she decided that she didn’t want to do that for the rest of her life. She wanted to do something that has always interested her. Ever since she was a little girl she loved drawing and used to make little figures made of play-doh. After taking a ceramics class in college she knew that that’s what she wanted to study for.


All of the pieces in her show were made mostly of clay and one piece used red tissue paper. What she made were characters portraying feelings that she has felt first hand in her life. She only used the colors black, white, and red so her audience can really focus on the pieces and not what bright colors she used. She also works with animal forms and realism. Her goal is to convey her personality through them and if someone can relate to it she will consider that an accomplishment.


This image above was her favorite from all of her other pieces. She takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks to finish one piece, I counted a few more than 10 pieces in her show. This means that she has put many hours into this show and you can really tell with her attention to detail. Most of these characters are based on her feelings but some portray the feelings of the people around her. Her favorite artist is Tim Burton, because she’s always been interested in animation and illustration.


The pieces in this show were very unique and also very detailed. They reminded me of like the emojis that we use on our cellphones to show how we are feeling. I felt that this show was like an emoji coming to life. We all know that everyone goes through hard times and I liked how instead of them bringing her down she has done something positive with them an that is her art. If you want to check out more of Yoon’s art you can go to her instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/kathy.c.yoon/

WK11 – ACTIVITY – Fiber art

20151108_224640 CTWhQAkUAAA29l1

For this week’s activity we had to make something that we can hang up on our walls. I wanted to do something Christmas related because it’s my favorite holiday and it’s coming up fast. I went to my nearest arts and crafts store and purchased these two figures. I also purchased some glue and some wings so I can improve the characters. I had some buttons in my house so I added them to the snowman and I glued the wings on the snowman’s back. Although I didn’t make everything from scratch I did make it my own, I had lots of fun with this little project and now I’m ready for the holiday season!