Tyler Turret is in his last semester at CSULB. He is majoring in animation . He attended community before transferring to CSULB. He currently lives in Huntington Beach and commutes to CSULB. He does most of his work digitally no longer drawing it on paper.


Turett is currently working at Shadow Machine industry. Originally, he was signed on as an intern who worked their social media, which he still does, but now he is also working on some of the animation projects with them.  He is given a lot of freedom to create in his job, so he can switch it up if he gets more interesting ideas along the way.


He is really passionate about what he does and is constantly trying to think of different ideas. He writes and draws things the he finds funny and hopes his viewers feel the same way about the material. His favorite cartoon is Rick and Morty and gets inspiration from new movies that come out. His dream job would be to work for Pixar.

I was really interested in what he does. I’m not that good at drawing on paper and I wonder if it would be easier to do it on a computer. It was a new kind of art that I learned about and I will follow his website in the near future to follow his new projects. If you want to check out his website you can go on http://tylerturett.wix.com/tylerturettanimation and see his upcoming projects.



WK10 – ARTIST CONVERSATION – Thomas Cressman


For this week’s artist conversation I decided to write about Thomas Cressman. He is a 5th year student at CSULB and is majoring in metals. He was born in Southern California and currently lives in Seal Beach about 5 minutes from Long Beach. When he graduates he plans on making work and then selling it. He knew he wanted to become and artist when he took an art class and a metal workshop class in high school.


All of his work on this show were made of metals. The types of metals that he usually works with are copper, steel, and silver. He mentioned the process he does to complete these works of art made of metals. So he get his inspiration for his next piece, then he starts with a flat sheet of metal. He cuts paper molds out, then he cuts out the shape and heats up the metal so it can be malleable. After he gets the shape he does the finishing touches which include small details and the texture.


Cressman gets most of his inspiration from the ocean. His favorite animal is the octopus because they are fascinating. He said most of his pieces are related to the ocean because it’s like a whole new world down there. He wants to give everyone an aquatic vibe and wants to transmit his love for the ocean to his viewers. His favorite piece is the one you see above it is a clam made of metal. This is his favorite piece because he didn’t know he could use the blue on his art. It was like a new discovery and was very excited about it.


I can relate to Cressman because I also like the ocean and it also fascinates me about all of its mystery. I felt that Cressman is very passionate about his work and also very dedicated when he has an idea in his head. He mentioned it took him 1 to 4 weeks to finish each piece, that shows you how hard it is what he does. I really enjoyed Cressman’s show and his philosophy. I would encourage you to check out his Instagram page where he has other very cool pieces of art. You can check it out at https://instagram.com/thom_cress6/



For my artist conversation I chose to speak to Juan Martin. He is 28 years old and is from Visalia, CA, although he is originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico. He’s been in the states since he was 8 years old.He’s always loved drawing and taking classes in high school and college really sparked his interest to study art. His major is sculpting, it’s the type of art that interests him the most. His favorite artist is Charles gray, Charles is also LA based which makes it really cool!


The materials he used for the image above was a mannequin as a mold and concrete as well. It took him a couple weeks to make. He also had the sculpture sit on a mirror. For the black cube he used wood and black stretch wrap. It took him a few hours to complete the cube. For the deer piece he used foam and it took him 2 weeks to build.


His motive behind the mannequin was that he’s always had an intrigued feeling for mannequins. He knows they are artificial but says that he feels they want to be alive. The cube is conceptual and it’s open for interpretation. For the deer he said he’s always been interested in deers and it’s one of his favorite animals to make. The hardest thing about his show was working with heavy materials.


I felt he was a very interesting person that had many bold ideas. Those ideas are why he makes all these art pieces and this has been hands down my favorite show at the CSULB art galleries. His pieces were amazing and his explanations were even better. I’m really happy I chose to blog about his show. I will definitely be keeping up with his work and you can to by checking out his Facebook: Juan Martin.

WK6 – Artist Conversation – Alice Andreini


The artist I wanted to learn more about was Alice Andreini. She is currently living in Long beach but is originally from Minnesota. Her artwork really caught my attention and I was intrigued by it. She is currently working on her MFA at CSULB. She is majoring in contemporary drawing and painting. She barely started painting about 5 years ago. Before that she worked as a theater designer for two years. Some artists that inspire her to continue painting are Henry Metis and Sesely Brown.

When I first glanced at her paintings I was wondering why the title was involving the army. As I kept looking and examining the painting I began to see all the soldiers that had been precisely placed throughout her painting. It’s like if at the beginning they were blending in the picture. Her paintings were very bright and vibrant which I liked. She uses the bright colors because they have synthetic contrast and it’s the synthetic nature of army figures. She drew flowers in her paintings because her mother’s garden inspired her also she thinks they are a powerful symbol, which I agree with. She used oil paints to complete her three paintings.

She chose to draw soldiers because they were protecting the beautiful garden. She mentioned that army men are a reminder of a need for protection. Her friends inspire her to keep painting and to get better and better every day. It took her anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete 1 painting. I could tell by talking to her that she really put a lot of thought into each painting so it can really mean something.

I thought it was very interesting to have the army men and flowers in the same painting. Flowers are seen as fragile and delicate but army men are seen as strong and fearless. She found a way to make it work that’s why I was so interested. I could relate to her because even though my friends don’t inspire me to become a better artist like hers, they inspire me to become and better person. I also think she paid homage to the US military that fight for our freedom. I really enjoyed seeing her show and getting to know her. You can find her on facebook as Alice Andreini.